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Conway's new ad, Mongiardo talks Conway $$

by Joe Arnold


Posted on May 7, 2010 at 4:21 PM

A new television commercial for Jack Conway comes after Daniel Mongiardo's campaign lambastes him for  loaning his campaign $300,000.

Here's the latest from both Democrats: 



Conway Campaign Releases New Ad
Highlights record of accomplishment and plans for job creation
Conway has a record voters can trust, a plan to help Kentucky families

LOUISVILLE -- Jack Conway's campaign for United States Senate released a new ad today highlighting his record of working for Kentucky's families and his vision to create jobs, cut the deficit and restore accountability to Wall Street and Washington. This is further proof Conway is the candidate who will treat elected office as a public trust.

To view the ad, go to the Conway campaign website, www.jackconway.org, or click here.

Below is a complete transcript of the ad. 

 Announcer:              Jack Conway for Senate

 Announcer:              Loans for small businesses to get people back to work

 Announcer:              He'll fight for a hometown tax credit to create jobs here

 Announcer:              Jack Conway

 Announcer:              Jack Conway
Announcer:              As our United States Senator, he will say no more Wall Street bailouts or special interest deals

 Announcer:              Saved taxpayers $200 million

 Announcer:              As Attorney General, he took on the big drug and utility companies

 Announcer:              Jack Conway

Jack Conway:           I'm Jack Conway, and I approve this message, because it time Washington worked for Kentucky families


See What Others Are Writing About Jack:


…Attorney General Jack Conway of Louisville stands out as a superior candidate, and we endorse him for his party's nomination. He has an enviable record of policy-making accomplishment…Mr. Conway is already thinking of ways to improve health care reform, such as allowing younger, healthier adults to participate in Medicare…and giving Medicare officials the power to negotiate bulk rates for medications…Mr. Conway has other promising ideas, such as saving $130 billion over 10 years by closing corporate tax loopholes and offshore tax shelters and creating a "hometown tax credit" for employers who hire more workers…Mr. Conway is the strongest Democrat. His party's voters should select him as their Senate nominee.

- Courier-Journal Endorsement, April 18, 2010


As former Kentucky Attorneys General and fellow Democrats, we are writing to praise Jack Conway's record as Attorney General…The simple fact is that Jack Conway has a record of saving utility ratepayers over $100 million during his time in office. Jack Conway is admirably serving the Commonwealth and building upon the pattern of success we established during our terms as Attorney General by saving millions for Kentucky families and businesses.

- Letter from Congressman Ben Chandler and Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo

When Attorney General Jack Conway took office in January 2008, he pledged to crack down on online crime and prescription drug abuse. He has kept those promises and more during the past two years, even as his office's budget was cut by 26 percent due to the recession.

- Northern Kentucky Enquirer, April 26, 2010

Conway Loans 300K To Campaign From
One Million
Made in Texas Gas Co. Opposed to Developing Clean Kentucky Coal


Kentucky Airwaves and Mailboxes Not Safe for Children



FRANKFORT --- With a loan of $300,000 to his campaign, Jack Conway is bankrolling his bid for U.S. Senate from  “millions of dollars in tainted money” he has made in a Texas natural gas company opposed to developing clean Kentucky coal, the Mongiardo for Senate Campaign charged today.

“Jack Conway is launching a new round of false negative ads against Daniel Mongiardo from over one million dollars he made in a Texas gas company that favors developing natural gas over clean Kentucky coal. With over 90% of his stock holdings concentrated in this one Texas energy company, Jack Conway has invested against Kentucky miners, their families and coal communities throughout Kentucky. Jack Conway should be ashamed of himself,” said Kim Geveden, Mongiardo spokesman, "because the worse Kentucky coal does, the more money Kinder Morgan and Jack Conway pocket."

As reported in the Courier-Journal, Conway purchased in April 2009, $1 million to $5 million in stock---over 90% of his reported assets---in Kinder Morgan Energy LP, a Texas energy company that favors natural gas over developing clean Kentucky coal. Over the past year, Kinder-Morgan’s stock has gone from $48.75/share on April 26, 2009 to $68.27/share on April 26, 2010, a 40% increase. If Conway invested $2.5 million, he has made over $1 million this past year.

“Despite having a family fortune worth millions several times over, Jack Conway has enriched himself by over $1 million in a company hostile to Kentucky’s coal economy, its workers and communities. Anyone who cares about Kentucky coal cannot trust Jack Conway,” said Geveden.

On January 21, Kinder Morgan CEO Richard Kinder said he “favors natural gas as the solution to the country’s energy problems.”  In an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle in July 2009, Kinder said that natural gas and nuclear are the only answers for the next 10 to 20 years to address climate change while developing clean coal technology will waste “enormous sums of money.”

Despite having spent a million dollars on TV ads, most of it negative against Mongiardo, two independent polls this past week show Conway is on average eight points behind Mongiardo.

“Kentucky families and seniors should begin taking steps to protect themselves from the nasty, false negative attacks about to be launched by Jack Conway on TV, radio, mail and phones in the closing days of this campaign as he desperately tries to buy what he couldn’t otherwise earn.  With Conway pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign, parents should take care not to let their children answer the phone or open the mail.  There is no doubt that the things Jack Conway is going to do and say in the final days of this campaign would make even Mitch McConnell blush,” warned Geveden.

Conway Wins Paducah Debate

Tells McCracken County Democrats He Will Create Jobs and Cut the Deficit

Mongiardo Tries to Avoid Talking about His Abuse of Public Trust


PADUCAH - For an eighth time, Democratic candidate for the United States Senate Jack Conway was victorious over his primary opponent Daniel Mongiardo in a debate, this time held during the Alben Barkley Dinner, sponsored by McCracken County Democrats. 

As in all seven previous debates, Conway continued to highlight his record of getting positive results for Kentucky and outlined how he will build on that record if he is elected Senator. He spoke about his plans for job creation, deficit reduction and bringing accountability to Wall Street and Washington, proving he is the candidate who will treat elected office as a public trust.

Unfortunately, Mongiardo also followed his same old pattern of debate tactics - giving vague answers on the issues and attempting to dodge questions about the ethical scandals with which he has been charged recently by some of the state's most respected news outlets. The charges stem from evidence that has been uncovered, showing Mongiardo has taken over $350,000 in public funds for personal expenses including:

  • Over $57,000 for luxury travel, including lavish meals and stays in fancy hotels.
  • $70,000 for a housing allowance he actually used to help fund a private and profitable land deal.
  • $230,000 for a sneaky pension bonus.

Mongiardo's taxpayer-funded bonuses come in addition to the income he draws from practicing medicine in Hazard up to three days a week and a six-figure, full-time salary he draws as Lieutenant Governor, despite only working in Frankfort three days a week.

The contrast between Mongiardo's refusal to address these scandals throughout the evening and Conway's record of results for Kentucky further demonstrates that Conway is the candidate voters can trust to be a responsible steward of their tax dollars. Conway has saved Kentucky taxpayers over $200 million by taking on big drug and oil companies, suing them for Medicaid fraud and price gouging.

Conway also outlined initiatives he will pursue as senator to reduce the federal deficit by up to $430 billion dollars without raising taxes, including:

  • $200 Billion, by giving Medicare the ability to negotiate for bulk rate discounts on prescription drugs.
  • $100 Billion, by reducing waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare just like he did with Medicaid here in Kentucky.
  • $130 Billion, by closing corporate tax loopholes on overseas interest and income and shutting down offshore tax shelters.

"All across the state, from Paducah to Ashland and everywhere in between, voters are suffering and they tell us Washington just doesn't get it. Dan Mongiardo already exemplifies everything that is wrong with Washington. He consistently prioritizes his own self-interest over the needs of the constituents he is supposed to serve. Kentuckians deserve fresh leadership from a true public servant who fulfills the promises he has made. Kentucky needs Jack Conway in the United States Senate," said Conway spokesperson Allison Haley.

You can read more about Conway's plans to help Kentucky families at www.jackconway.org.