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Conway vs. Paul takes shape in KY

by Joe Arnold


Posted on May 19, 2010 at 5:05 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 19 at 5:42 PM

(WHAS11) - Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Jack Conway says one day after his primary victory, he's not celebrating because too many Kentuckians are suffering.

And Republican Rand Paul is also staying on message, saying his Tea Party message will also appeal to Kentucky Democrats.

"Term limits, forcing them to balance the budget by law, making them read the bills before they vote on the bills, making them say in the constitution where they get the authority for each bill," Paul said in an interview from Bowling Green.

"I think Kentucky is ground zero for the Tea Party," said Republican strategist Scott Jennings, "and I think that message is going to work well here in November."

If that is, indeed, the political climate here, what kind of fall opponent is Jack Conway?

"Ahh.. the perfect kind," said Paul. "He says he's the Democrat, he's a real Democrat.
I think that's the easiest kind to beat.  If President Obama's his good friend, bring him down.  We want President Obama to come and campaign often for Jack Conway.  We would love him to come, in fact we'll pay for his plane ticket to come to Kentucky."

But before any presidential visits, after bitter and bruising primary battles, Paul and Conway have to mend fences with those who didn't vote for them.

"Jack has to go patch things up with Daniel Mongiardo," said Democratic strategist Bob Gunnell, "He has to go to Eastern Kentucky.  Democratic voters, embrace them."

Conway cleared one other hurdle late this afternoon when Daniel Mongiardo withdrew his request for a recanvass of the vote -- which Conway won with a less than one percent margin.
Meanwhile -- still some controversy brewing between Paul and Grayson. Despite what sources tell me, Paul is denying that he refused to take Grayson's concession telephone call last night.