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Conway turns page after poll, Mongiardo gets UAW nod

by Joe Arnold


Posted on March 13, 2010 at 1:46 AM

Catching up on the frontrunners in the Democratic Party's primary in Kentucky's Senate race, Daniel Mongiardo won the support of the United Auto Workers, Jack Conway's campaign manager worked to soothe the concerns of supporters after a WHAS11 poll showed Conway behind 18 points, and Conway himself unveiled two financial reform plans targeting Wall Street and lenders.

Mongiardo campaign

News Release:

March 5
Mongiardo receives United Auto Workers of Kentucky and Indiana Endorsement


FRANKFORT --- The United Auto Workers Region 3, representing Kentucky and Indiana, endorsed

Democratic candidate Dr. Daniel Mongiardo for the U.S. Senate this week. 

"As a doctor, Dan Mongiardo clearly understands America's patchwork health care system is

broken.  He knows first-hand how people suffer when they do not have access to health care.

More importantly, he has the vision and the courage to do something about it,” said UAW

Region 3 director Maurice “Mo” Davison. 

“It’s a great honor to have the support of the UAW as we work together to bring jobs and

expanded opportunity to the Commonwealth. We are living in difficult times, and as the

events of the past few days have shown, we need a strong voice in Washington who is willing

to stand up for Kentucky’s workers and families who are struggling.  We need a fighter for

Main Street, not Wall Street. I am proud to have the great men and women of the UAW standing

with me today and I look forward to fighting for them everyday in the United States Senate,”

said Mongiardo.

The UAW Region 3 represents over 12,000 workers in Kentucky including autoworkers at

Louisville’s Ford plants and Bowling Green’s Corvette plant.

The endorsement by the UAW Region 3 comes after last month’s endorsement by the Greater

Louisville Central Labor Council.  Mongiardo previously has been endorsed by or received

recommendations from the Western Kentucky Central Labor Council, the Owensboro Area Building

& Construction Trades Council, the Tri-State Building & Construction Trades Council and

Kentucky Machinists.  Mongiardo has received statewide endorsements from the UA – Pipe

Trades, Laborers, Electrical Workers and Operating Engineers.

Conway campaign

Jonathan Drobis, Jack Conway's Campaign Manager is reassuring supporters about their "strategy for all of Kentucky" after the latest WHAS11/Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll showed Conway trailing Daniel Mongiardo by 181 points:

This week, Survey USA released a poll in our race. Let me be clear that the only poll we are focused on is the one on May 18. Between now and election day, some polls will show us up and some will show us down. Right now, polls are largely-based on candidate name identification and our opponent has campaigned in nine of the past twelve years, including in three statewide campaigns. We are organized and focused on long-term strategy and thanks to our robust grassroots support across the Commonwealth and our message of creating jobs, reducing the deficit and bringing accountability to Washington, we are confident Jack will be the Democratic nominee.
"King" Kelly Coleman

Finally, I want to recognize the support Jack has gotten from one of the greatest high school athletes in Kentucky's history. Basketball legend "King" Kelly Coleman scored 4,263 points in 127 games for an incredible 33.6 per game mark in his four-year career at Wayland High School in the hills of Floyd County during the 1950's. "King" recently endorsed Jack while they attended a high school basketball game together in Hazard.
Thanks again for all you do to help us work toward victory in May. I look forward to talking to you again soon.


On Tuesday, Conway called for a "windfall tax" on Wall Street executives:

News Release:
LOUISVILLE  Continuing to hold Wall Street accountable, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate

Jack Conway issued the following statement in response to news that the U.S. Senate Banking

Committee is set to consider major legislation on financial reform this week:
"Kentuckians are suffering through the worst economic recession since the Great Depression,

in large part due to greed and excessive risk-taking on Wall Street. People are angry and

rightly so. It's offensive when bailed-out bankers are taking huge bonuses at the same time

they are refusing to lend to struggling small businesses.
"Therefore, I support a one-time windfall tax on bonuses for any executive at a company that

received TARP bailout funds in 2009.  The windfall revenue should be used for deficit

reduction to start filling in the enormous budget hole the TARP created.
"Furthermore, I support financial reform that puts consumers first, prevents any institution

from becoming "too big to fail" and protects taxpayers from excessive risk-taking in the

financial system."
As Attorney General, Conway has saved over $100 million for Kentucky taxpayers by

prosecuting Medicaid waste, fraud, and abuse. He has intervened on behalf of consumers

against companies that have attempted to price gouge Kentuckians for services and he created

a nationally-recognized cybercrimes unit to catch sexual predators on the Internet.
In conclusion, Conway said:
"I will stand up to Wall Street just as I have taken on the big oil and pharmaceutical

companies during my time as Attorney General.
"I am running for United States Senate to create jobs, cut the deficit, and bring

accountability to Washington. To create jobs, I have proposed a Hometown Tax Credit for

employers who increase payroll and a Small Business Loan Fund designed to specifically

target more lending to small businesses.

"To reduce the deficit, I have identified at least $330 billion in savings from eliminating

tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, closing offshore tax shelters, and making

big drug companies negotiate with Medicare for lower prices on prescription drugs.
"As Kentucky's next United States Senator, I will always fight for working families,

consumers, and taxpayers of the Commonwealth."

On Thursday, Conway touted a plan to protect "financial consumers from unfair banking practices:"

 News Release:

LOUISVILLE - To combat exorbitant debit card overdraft fees, which adversely affect the budgets of Kentucky families, Democratic candidate for United States Senate Jack Conway today announced his plan to promote debit card practices that will give bank customers more control of their finances.

"Financial reform is not just about Wall Street, it's about helping working families in Kentucky. My plan will prevent banks from engaging in these unfair practices and protect the checkbooks of Kentuckians. In this economic climate, our families deserve to have the peace of mind that there won't be any more surprise fees that break the household budget at the end of the month," Conway said.

Conway's plan will:

Require a "real time" notification of an overdraft fee, at the point of sale, so consumers can choose to accept the fee or deny it and cancel the transaction.
Require banks to "clear" debit transactions in the order in which they occur or from the smallest to the largest amount.
Link overdraft protection to other accounts, such as savings or credit card accounts or a short-term line of credit.

In 2008, banks made $23.7 billion in profits off of overdraft fees. Kentuckians contributed to those profits by paying approximately $336 million in overdraft fees that same year. Overdraft fees on transactions made with debit cards have increased in recent years as consumers have begun to use debit cards for routine purchases. In fact, since 2005 consumers have used debit cards more than credit cards.

The average cost of an overdraft fee on a debit card transaction is $34 while the average cost of a debit card transaction is only $20.

"I am standing up for what is right for consumers and families. It is time to stop banks from charging consumers outrageous overdraft fees which can essentially turn a cup of coffee into a $35 charge due to tricky accounting, which benefits the banks but hurts working people," Conway said.

On Tuesday, Conway began outlining his principles for reforming Wall Street, including calling for a "windfall tax" on bonuses given to Wall Street executives at companies that received TARP bailout funds in 2009.  Conway said the windfall revenue should be used for deficit reduction.