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Conway push poll shows a 28 point swing compared to WHAS11 poll

by Joe Arnold


Posted on November 5, 2009 at 2:48 PM

Facing a double-digit deficit to rival Daniel Mongiardo in the latest WHAS11/Survey USA poll of the U.S. Senate Primary in Kentucky, Democrat Jack Conway's campaign has rolled out the results of a push poll that instead gives Conway a 17 point lead.  By releasing the poll, Conway's campaign acknowledges Conway's name ID deficit compared to Lt. Gov. Mongiardo, who almost pulled off the upset against incumbent Republican Senator Jim Bunning six years ago.

The WHAS11/Survey USA primary poll cannot help Conway's message to big Democratic donors that he is the one to beat, although Conway performs better than Mongiardo in the poll's head-to-head general election matchups.

 Here's the blast sent out to Conway supporters:









We want to share the news with you that a new statewide poll of 800 registered Democrats shows Jack Conway holds a 17-point lead over Dan Mongiardo in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate among voters who know both candidates.

Important Information:

  • A survey conducted by nationally acclaimed pollster Pete Brodnitz revealed that Jack Conway holds a 17-point lead among Democrats who know both candidates. Democratic primary voters are more satisfied with Conway’s job performance - with Conway’s net job approval at plus 11% (43% to 32%) - while Mongiardo has a net negative job rating (39% to 43%).

  • Brodnitz’s poll also shows that Mongiardo, not unexpectedly since he has run 5 races in 9 years, has a 16-point name ID advantage over Conway. However, once voters hear information about both Conway and Mongiardo, Jack Conway expands his lead to 23 points.

  • Another poll recently taken by Executive Communications (10-22-09) indicates that Jack Conway holds a 10-point lead (25% to 15%) among registered Democrats with over half the electorate undecided. This poll also reveals that the recent audio tapes raise devastating character questions about Dan Mongiardo revealing him to be a backstabbing, double talking politician far different from the way he sells himself. This latest survey shows that 62% of voters may have heard something about the tapes in which Mongiardo calls our Governor an “SOB” and “whore.”

  • Mongiardo’s self proclaimed lead that he touted in May has evaporated (Garin Hart Yang poll 5-28-09), and in poll after poll Mongiardo continues to trail both Trey Grayson and Rand Paul.

Jack is the clear favorite – for good reasons

As you talk to your friends, colleagues, and family about this campaign and these candidates, we would like you to keep a couple major points in mind. Leaders like Congressman Ben Chandler, Congressman John Yarmuth, Auditor Crit Luallen, Speaker Greg Stumbo, Mayor Jerry Abramson (our next Lt. Governor), and former Treasurer Jonathan Miller endorsed Jack because they strongly believe he has the integrity and character to take on the special interests and fight for what’s important to Kentucky families.

Jack Conway is making us proud – building a record of accomplishments as Attorney General that’s a testament to his integrity. Jack means what he says and says what he means. While serving as our Attorney General, Jack created an innovative cyber crimes unit to protect children from online predators, participated in the biggest drug bust in Kentucky history, took on big oil and saved taxpayers over $200 million. That type of record is not only top-notch public service and outlines what type of Senator Jack Conway will be, but no other candidate in this race, Democrat or Republican, can match what Jack has already accomplished.

Dan Mongiardo is Risky!

While Dan Mongiardo has spent the last decade campaigning, his record of achievement is lackluster. His continued ethical lapses are troubling, and the recent audiotapes reveal the blind ambition of a politician who will say or do anything to get elected. Take a moment and imagine what the Republican spin machine led by Mitch McConnell will do next fall against Mongiardo if he is nominated. This seat – Wendell Ford’s U.S. Senate seat - is too important to take that risk.

This latest survey showing Jack Conway leading by 17 points is just the latest in a series of good news for the campaign. Recently, Jack announced raising more than $2 million and now holds a two-to-one cash advantage over Mongiardo.

Mongiardo V Conway COH 

This survey mirrors the latest independent Rasmussen Poll that clearly shows Jack Conway is the only Democrat able to beat either Republican opponent.


Jack Conway is a winner. However, we have a lot of hard work ahead. Please take a moment to think about what is at stake for our Commonwealth and our country and what type of representation you want in the Senate. We would then ask you to get involved in Jack Conway’s campaign for U.S. Senate by making a contribution, volunteering, or helping in anyway you are able. Quite simply, our future is at stake.

Thank you.