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Catching up with Jack and Rand, guns and $$

by Joe Arnold


Posted on July 5, 2010 at 9:33 PM

I'll be filing a separate post with more of my interview with Rand Paul on Wednesday.  After he appeared with Mandy Connell on WHAS Radio, I was waiting for him in the Clear Channel hallway where Paul answered my questions for about ten minutes before hustling off to a meeting with Louisville backers.

In the mean time, here's a rundown of the public relations battle between the two campaigns.


After the U.S. Supreme Court's  conservative majority ruled last week that under the Second Amendment, citizens have an individual right to bear arms,  Conway was quick to agree with the decision while Paul challenged whether Conway's "pro-gun" stance jibes with his previous statements and positions.

"It sends a clear message to Washington - keep your hands off our guns." -- Jack Conway

"Conway would prefer to duck and hide from his liberal positions and his Washington DC elitist friends. -- Rand Paul campaign


The Rand Paul campaign raised $172,000 in one day during an online “Money Bomb.” The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee picked up on an early AP report that characterized the response as "lukewarm," but $172,000 in one day is nothing to sneeze at.  The Paul campaign then revealed that it will report over $1.1 million dollars raised for the second quarter of 2010, the best fundraising quarter yet for the campaign.

Conversely, former Senator Wendell Ford was the signator of a Conway fundraising e-mail with the stated goal of $100,000 raised by June 30.  Conway supporters better hope that number was tied to the last days of the quarter and not the entire quarter. 

“Rand Paul continues to set online fundraising records in Kentucky," said campaign manager Jesse Benton, “It is tremendous to see grassroots support come together to support Dr. Paul and the cause of Liberty.  Real Americans, making small contributions one at time, are showing their strength and their desire to balance our budget, repeal Obamacare and fight Cap and Trade.”

If we can help Jack meet his goal of raising $100,000 by June 30, he'll be in a strong position to beat back those Tea Partiers and keep the U.S. Senate in Democratic hands -- former U.S. Senator Wendell Ford