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Beshear ads take credit for jobs, some never materialized

Beshear ads take credit for jobs, some never materialized

by Joe Arnold


Posted on July 19, 2011 at 12:44 AM

(WHAS11) - Tax credits to recruit and grow businesses in Kentucky are at the heart of two new television commercials for Governor Steve Beshear's re-election campaign.  Running mate Jerry Abramson, the former Louisville mayor, appears alongside Beshear in one of the ads. 


The ads credit "the governor's economic incentives" for job growth, yet the campaign of Republican nominee David Williams contends that Beshear "routinely deceives Kentuckians by announcing jobs that never materialize."

In fact, both sides cite a proposed advanced battery manufacturing facility in Hardin County as an example of Beshear's record on jobs.  While the project once promised 2,000 jobs, it has stalled during the Recession.

“Watching Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson brag about supposed job creation is like watching two foxes explain to a bunch of chickens what great services they are rendering to the coop," said Luke Marchant, Williams-Farmer Campaign Manager.


NARRATOR: Governor Steve Beshear’s economic incentives are helping to keep people to working in large and small businesses across Kentucky.

LORNA LITRELL; OWNER, SUNRISE TOOL AND DIE: The governor’s incentives are going to allow us to grow.

TONY PAYTON; WORKER, NATIONAL OFFICE FURNITURE: Because of the governor’s incentive, it attracted new customers. That’s meant considerably more business.

CHRIS LEWIS; WORKER, NATIONAL OFFICE FUNITURE: Personally it means more money in my pocket and I like seeing other people have jobs.

LORNA LITRELL; OWNER, SUNRISE TOOL AND DIE: It is going to allow us to train new people for this industry in high-paying, high skill jobs.

BESHEAR: Leading by example is what being governor is all about.



BESHEAR: Kentucky needs more jobs. I’m Steve Beshear. As governor, I’ve used incentives to bring new businesses to Kentucky and help local companies expand.

ABRAMSON: I’m Jerry Abramson and our future depends on helping large and small businesses stay open and grow.

BESHEAR: Cutting spending and making government more efficient will also create more jobs.

ABRAMSON: Times are tough.

BESHEAR: But there is light at the end tunnel because we’ve made tough decisions to position Kentucky for a better future.

NARRATOR: Beshear/Abramson: Tested. Trusted. Tough