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The411 with Sherlene Shanklin: Louisville's own Kita Williams is excited about the return of the T.O. Show

The411 with Sherlene Shanklin:  Louisville's own Kita Williams is excited about the return of the T.O. Show

by Sherlene Shanklin

Posted on August 21, 2011 at 11:39 AM

Updated Friday, Oct 25 at 3:38 AM

The411 with Sherlene Shanklin:  Terrell Owens and "The T.O. Show" will return for its third season and it appears that this will be the breakout season for the VH1 show.  The reality show stars Owens, Monique Jackson and Louisville's own Kita Williams.  She is not only in the show but one of the executive producers.  I asked Kita how important is it to represent Louisville.  She says "It's very important to represent Louisville in the national spotlight because I'm proud of where I come from, I let people know that I'm "country classy" and "southern sassy" and I always say that home is where the heart is and no matter where I chose to live Kentucky will always be home to me, our city is beautiful."   

I always tell people when I do my reports on television and radio that Kita is from Louisville but I wanted her fans in this area to really know what her connection is to the Bluegrass State.  Kita says "I grew up in the Best End, West End and graduated from DuPont Manual High School/Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS). I used to hang out at the Galleria on weekends when I was in high school to look at the boys and I would catch the TARC bus home. I absolutely love White Castles, Big Red Pop, and Grippos over Sushi and wine any day. I use to go to the Kentucky State Fair every year in August with my family. They don't have any of this in Los Angeles so that's why I say home is where the heart is for me...and Louisville is where my heart remains!"

Since the inception of the show it has gained momentum in popularity.  I talked to Kita about the expectations and goals for the show.  She says "This is our 3rd Season and I'm so proud of this show and how we make sure we set a good example for our fans who tune in. Our show is international, we are shown in Africa, Bahamas, South America and other countries so our fans support us everywhere. We are a positive show and we don't flip tables or throw water or wine glasses across the room for ratings! Lol! We make sure that we resolve conflict with real solutions & put the fire out before it spreads and becomes damaging.  It can be stressful being on a reality show because everyone gets a first-class seat in to your life and form their opinion so you are under a microscope. You see what's happened with the unfortunate situation with suicide of one of the husbands from Housewives of Beverly Hills. So I'm excited that young women especially can look at me and Mo and see a reflection of themselves because we are 2 independent, professional, & positive women making moves with one of the biggest names in sports."

Season three will open with a lot of drama and life changing decisions for Terrell.  You also see dramatic and shocking never-before seen footage as cameras capture T.O.s infamous ACL diagnosis and surgery followed by his painful post-op recovery.  Williams says "Fans can expect to see a LOT of tears, fears, emotions and raw drama with this season.  Season 3 is probably going to make people sit on the edge of their seat because we put everything on the table personally and professionally.  You will see a lot of intense drama between me, T.O., and Mo".  

If you follow the show Kita was trying to find love but kept that part of the show a mystery but she says we will finally see her dating and trying to find love.  With who?  She didn't say.  I guess we will have to wait and see if it's T.O.  I do know they finally ended up in the same bedroom but hold the crazy thoughts I don't believe its what you are thinking.  We will have to watch to see.     

The T.O. show is also giving Kita and Mo an opportunity to showcase their new hair and beauty brand called Define Your Pretty.  You will hear a lot more about the line in the near future.   

The 3rd season of the T.O. Show will air Monday, August 22nd at 9:30pm on VH1.  
If you have a comment after watching the show and/or would like to send your best wishes to  Louisville's own Kita Williams send it to me at and I will post your comment.