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The411 with Sherlene Shanklin: A camp that helps youth explore opportunities in the music industry

The411 with Sherlene Shanklin:  A camp that helps youth explore opportunities in the music industry

Credit: Sherlene Shanklin

by Sherlene Shanklin

Posted on July 16, 2014 at 4:59 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 16 at 5:14 PM

The411 with Sherlene Shanklin:  On a beautiful day in Central Park in Louisville about a hundred people came out to support the youth.  The weather was hot but so was the talent onstage.  
I had the opportunity to emcee the inaugural AMPED, (Academy of Music Production Education and Development) concert.  Youth between the ages of 12 to 17 participated in a four week camp that helped them explore their creativity through music.  The free camp gave them access to education, instruments, music therapy, technology and performance opportunities.

Last Saturday, youth got the chance to perform in front of family, friends and mentors.  The youth were broken into three groups.  I had no idea what to expect because they only had four weeks.  When each group took the stage, I was blown away by their talent.

The three groups that performed were BBMDC, New Legend and Pryo.  They all had positive messages in their lyrics.  The titles of their songs were "Enough really enough", "Keep your head up", and "Fufu", which really promotes style/image in teenage language.  You could see each one of the young entertainers actually grow right in front of our eyes on stage.  By the end of each performance they were singing loud and proud.  Some even took the microphone off the stand and worked the audience who were very supportive.

What made the concert so special, the mentors of the camp actually assembled their talents and played backup for the youth.  They volunteered their time and talent  over the last four weeks and then backed them up during the event.  The band consisted of Anna Lee Roeder from Lady Pyramid, Joel Goodwin and Jason D'Mello from Jenna Dean, Jecorey Arthur from 1200 and LaJuan Hazard from Nzuri Music.  

The audience also received a special treat.  The members of Nzuri Music, Metez, Da Bandman and DJ Nerd Bou all performed.  Coordinators of the AMPED program,  Dave Christopher Sr., Jason D'Mello and Allison Cross were very happy about the turnout and the performances.  Gisela Nelson from New Legacy also brough them to the stage for a special thank you.

If you are an artist and you would like to volunteer with AMPED or if you would like to enroll your child go to
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