It's two-for-one in this Big Brothers/Big Sisters match-up


by Doug Proffitt

Posted on July 15, 2010 at 5:43 PM

Louisville, KY (WHAS11) - In the 21 years that WHAS has been helping put matches together for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program, all kinds of great pairings have been made.

On Thursday, WHAS11’s Doug Proffitt profiled a young married couple in their twenties, with their new ‘Little Brother.’

The Kentuckiana organization allows a two-to-one match, as they call it, for couples.

Waterfront Park’s Condominum Tower soars above eight-year-old, Jacob Hargrove. 

He’s a young boy with tons of energy and a lot of smarts. For instance, Jacob told WHAS11’s Doug Proffitt that he most admires George Washington because he was a great man in the Revolutionary War.

He also said his favorite place at Audubon Traditional Elementary School is the library.

There’s a lot of books,” he said. “Books to check out and to buy at the book fair.”

Caleb and Katie Vittitow have been matched with Jacob to as as his ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Big Sister.’   They said they feel lucky to have him as their ‘Little Brother’

“He’s very fun,” said Katie, 21. “He’s very intelligent and very giving, too.”

Her 22-year-old husband, Caleb, said he thinks Caleb is smarter than he is.

For Caleb and Katie, part of the ‘Big Brothers Two-to-One program,’ the real key is the ease in this relationship and their love the outdoors.

“Most of the time we’re playing basketball, baseball, soccer or more recently, sailing lessons,” Katie said.

 “We’ll joke around and tease him,” said Caleb. “It’s like we are all three friends more than anything else.”

With Jacob’s smarts and boundless curiosity, Caleb and Katie are set for a long time with him.  

Jacob waited a year to be matched, and the day the call came, was a gift, “I jumped up and down, Mommy they found a match!” he said.

Here are details from Big Brothers/Big Sisters Kentuckiana about the unique program Katie and Caleb are a part of:

Caleb & Katelyn are in a couples-match (2-to-1 match) with Jacob, available to any two people who want to volunteer together in the BBBS program.

After being matched in January, their first outing was to Gattliland where they ate and played video games together.

Since then they get together almost weekly, attending church together, visiting local parks and attending a “Learn to Sail” Clinic the agency hosted in June. 

Jacob’s mom says he comes home happy from every outing with his bigs.

Katelyn told us that they love hanging out with jacob and that they are "lucky that they hit it off from the beginning." She said that the best part of being a big is seeing the world through Jacob’s eyes.