What to do if you see a spill, smell a suspicious odor in Rubbertown area



Posted on March 22, 2011 at 3:30 PM

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Reporting Odors in Your Neighborhood

Call 911 if you see a spill, fire or have physical health symptoms.

What’s That Smell?

Odors in the outdoor air can come from many different sources. If you experience objectionable odors in the community near the Rubbertown industrial complex---and suspect that one of the plants may be the source of the odor---you may wish to report your observation.

Where’s It Coming From?

Look at the map on the back of this sheet. Consider where you are experiencing the odor and from which direction the wind is blowing. You may also find the provided chemical list of help in identifying the origin of the odor. If you suspect one of the listed facilities as being the source of the odor, you may call them at the provided phone number. They will investigate the matter and promptly call you back with their findings.

What Do I Tell Them?

Consider these questions in describing the odor before you call to report:
When did it start and stop, or is it continuing?
What does it smell like (rotten eggs, sweet, etc.)?
At what location or address did you smell the odor?
Have you smelled this odor before? If so, when? How often?What Else?

It is always your right to call and report an objectionable odor experience to the Air Pollution Control District at 574-6000.

Rubbertown Facilities Location Map & Phone Contacts

Code Facility Contact Phone
Code         Facility - Contact    Phone
AS         American Synthetic - Shift Supervisor    449-8310
A         Arkema    449-6100
C         Carbide Industries - Safety Department     775-4110
R         Dow - Fire Captain    449-5385
D         E.I. DuPont - Area FLS    775-3232
H         Hexion Specialty Chemicals - Security Office     449-6257
N         Lubrizol - Shift Supervisor    664-3364
P         PolyOne Env. - Manager (8 AM – 4 PM only)    775-2820
Z         Zeon Chemicals - Lab Tech./Shift Supervisor    775-7642

Odors of Major Rubbertown Chemicals
Chemical    Similar Odor    Facility
Acrylates    Super glue, fingernail glue    A, N, R, Z
Acrylonitrile     Garlic, onion     AS, R, Z
Ammonia     Window cleaner     AS, N, R, Z
Chlorine    Bleach, pool chemicals     D, N
Toluene     Paint thinner, model glue     AS, R

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