Veteran and volunteer team up to walk for a good cause


by Rachel Platt

Posted on January 17, 2013 at 6:09 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 17 at 6:21 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- One served in our nation’s military, the other volunteers at the VA Medical Center. Now they are joining forces to help our brave warriors who are returning home.

Hilbert Potter and Laura Calhoun are taking the first steps toward their goal of setting up a non-profit called operation Warriors in Transition.

Walking is one way they will get attention and money. They will walk together in the mini-marathon this spring. It is a dream Hilbert has had since losing part of his leg while serving in the army the in 1991, not long after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Hilbert Potter guarded prisoners of war in Iraq when he was hit by friendly fire.

He would meet generals like Norman Schwartzkopf, but his biggest mentor would be his physical therapist after his accident.

He would be inspired and become a physical therapist himself--he would meet Laura Calhoun when she shadowed him on the job.

They found much in common. They are both UofL grads, Hilbert even proudly displays his prosthetic UofL leg.

But more than their love of the Cards is their love for those who have served our country. Hilbert is a veteran, Laura's brother in the Navy.

He helps soldiers as a physical therapist at Fort Knox she helps veterans at the VA and has seen first hand their hardships.

They have a sponsor for the mini marathon and now they are hoping to inspire you to become donors to help members of our military back on their feet when they transition to civilian life.

Potter says not many amputees have walked in the mini-marathon with an artificial limb and their goal to raise a million dollars this year.

Hilbert Potter and Laura Calhoun are not just talking the talk about helping veterans, but walking the walk.

If you would like to help operation warriors in transition you can send your donations to the non-profit set up through the Community Foundation of Louisville. The address is: 325 West Main Street, Suite 1110 Louisville, KY 40202.

Laura Calhoun can also answer your questions at 502-744-3318.