Consumer Watch investigates local store and damaged furniture


by Andy Treinen

Posted on February 23, 2011 at 3:14 PM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 23 at 7:04 PM

(WHAS11)  A Louisville woman called the consumer line claiming she spent $4,000 on a bedroom set that was delivered damaged to her home.  She was having trouble getting answers from the store, so she called WHAS11’s Andy Treinen. Andy’s answer is this week’s Consumer Watch.

“Well, I had the phone on speaker,” explained Patricia Moore, “Charlie’s exact words were ‘don’t bring anything back, don’t you bring anything back here’,” said Moore.  Moore was fighting mad.  She paid $3,996 for a bedroom set from Winner Furniture; a set that she expected to be in perfect condition.

Moore pointed out several scratches on the set, usually covered by the armoire and leather trim, that have separated from the headboard.  She showed us scratches on an end table, along with a loose screw not holding anything behind the mirror.  “The hole is stripped, completely stripped,” said Moore.  She claims the set was not boxed, and was delivered dusty on January 22.  “I really think it’s the floor sample,” said Moore.  ‘I was buying new furniture and they told me they were going to order my furniture from the Acme Company.”

Winner Furniture has an A-Rating with the BBB and has been in business since 1946.  We called and then paid them a visit, in search of some answers.  The owner told us Moore’s set was not a floor model.  “Absolutely not; anyone who purchases a floor model, on her ticket it would say floor model,” explained Charlie White.

Moore purchased the set in August of 2010 with a delayed delivery.   She thinks they delivered the already assembled floor model.  “When I called in January to tell them I was ready for them to place the order, they told me they could bring my furniture the next day that it was already there,” said Moore.

Charlie White says he would just replace the set if he could, but unfortunately that model is discontinued.  Winner Furniture did refund $399 for an end table that wasn’t delivered.  “No,” said Moore, “This is after I contacted you all.  At first, they told me they weren’t going to do nothing,” she said.

Winner Furniture is now offering much more than nothing and White claims they have all along. “What we have offered to do is replace her bedroom suite with anything she wants,” insisted White.  Moore says she has checked and she doesn’t want any other bedroom sets in the store.  She’s asking for a full refund.  “I don’t want something else, I want this,” proclaimed Moore.

Charlie White called me Tuesday afternoon to say the two have reached a resolution which allows Moore to pick a replacement set, at any Ashley Furniture store.  Moore told me Wednesday that she looked and didn’t find anything she liked.

The owner of Winner Furniture said it’s not at all uncommon for manufacturers to deliver scratched furniture; it’s just that when they do, the store can usually replace it with the same make and model.
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