Consumer Watch: WHAS11 tries to help newlyweds get wedding photos


by Andy Treinen

Posted on August 11, 2010 at 2:48 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 11 at 6:28 PM

(WHAS11)  This week’s Consumer Watch comes from newlyweds, who are now expecting their first child.  The problem is that nearly nine months after their wedding day, the couple, who said their vows on horseback, still does not have their wedding photos. 

They called WHAS11’s Andy Treinen and Andy answered.

The bride, Jamie Marion, today is nearly nine months pregnant and glowing; but there’s something missing from her fairy book first year of marriage.

Jamie and her husband, Jack, are still waiting on their pictures from a November, 2009 wedding.  We asked if they thought the photographer ever intends to give them their photographs and they said, “No;” despite paying Superior Art and Photography $969 for a wedding package

The Marions have moved to South Carolina, and they asked for our help in getting their pictures, so we decided to pay the photographer and a partner in the LLC, Dorena Bradly, a visit.  Bradley’s son told us she was at her boyfriend’s house so we asked him to call, give her Treinen’s number and ask her call right back.

Superior Art and Photography used to rent space inside the Meijer store on Dixie Highway.  The Meijer manager told us that one day Dorena Bradly just packed up her stuff and left.

Peggy French said, at the time, she was an employee of Superior.  “I don’t understand her.  I used to trust her.”  French said she left the business because she wasn’t getting paid.  She also said she has no idea why Bradly won’t send the photographs to South Carolina. “I think they need their pictures and their money back with a big apology.”

When we finally got in touch with Bradley, we presented her that option.  “It’s been month, after month, after month and they can’t get their pictures and you’re not answering their phone calls anymore, so we had to get involved,” Treinen told her.

With a disappointed young wife, Jack Marion told me he has called Bradley every day, sometimes three times a day for over a month.  Jamie told us on the phone that it’s especially frustrating that Bradley is using their pictures to promote business on Superior Art and Photography’s website; pictures that the young newlyweds don’t even have. 

“I’d really like my family, who couldn’t make it to the wedding, to be able to see my wedding before they can see the first grandchild, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.  It’s been very frustrating,” said Jamie.

Bradley said the problem is with the lab, but she wouldn’t tell us which lab.  We offered, “If you paid the lab and they’ve got the pictures, I’ll get it straightened out.  I’m just trying to help.”  After our call, Bradley contacted the Marions and offered them a full refund.

We informed Bradly that they would love to have their money back, but more importantly they’d love to have their pictures.  Bradly said they’ll also have their pictures, within two weeks.

Treinen informed Bradly in their last phone call that he was going to check back with the Marions in two weeks, if they still haven’t gotten a refund or their pictures he will let the public know.