The unbearable heat is sticking around and it can be dangerous


by Adam Lefkoe

Posted on June 12, 2010 at 11:51 PM

(WHAS11)  The unbearable heat is sticking around.

Today’s numbers weren’t just high, they were dangerous!

WHAS 11’s Adam Lefkoe went around Louisville Saturday night to see how people were dealing with the tough temperatures.

Everywhere he went people were fighting for fans and air conditioning, and some had their own ways to keep cool.

The sounds of a steel drum filled the air at the Louisville Zoo, and the humidity was right behind. 

Brows were beaded, drinks were necessary and pants were clearly optional.

Saturday night’s event at the zoo was to welcome the sea lions new habitat.  With a heat index above 100, guests seem to be a little jealous of the sea lions.

Chuck Hoffman, attending the event said, “If it gets any hotter, I’ll probably be in there with the sea lions.”

But for the main attraction, this is their kind of weather.

Jane Anne Franklin, assistant curator said, “They bask out in the sun for hours at a time.  They love the heat; they’ll soak it up for hours.”

In the heart of Louisville a pajama party was going on and the heat was clearly on everyone’s mind.   There was an ice wall to keep it cool and constant water bottles being passed around.

Oddly enough, pants seemed optional there as well.  Doug Roemer, a pajama party attendee said, “It’s 95 degrees, I couldn’t do it.”

Michael Zernow, another attendee said, “I feel like it might be close to 200 or 300 degrees.  I haven’t gotten an official total on that, but it’s pretty close.”

Everyone was having a good time, while trying to stay cool.