Teenager killed while riding in golf cart laid to rest Saturday


by Adam Lefkoe


Posted on July 31, 2010 at 8:05 PM

(WHAS11)  A teenager killed while riding in a golf cart was laid to rest on Saturday.  Now, her family is warning others about the dangers of golf carts and the need for tougher laws about who can drive them.

One step on the brakes, one bad decision and the life of 15-year-old Jordan Jackson came to a screeching halt.  Now the family is celebrating her life and warning other families of just how precious and fragile life can be.

Jordan Kori Jackson was a 15-years-old with a focus.  She was getting ready to enter her freshman year at Presentation Academy and had her whole life ahead of her.  “She had a glow about her, a spirit.  She liked nothing better than a good joke,” said her aunt, Thea Bennington.

Kris Whittington, Jordan’s uncle, said, “Words really can’t adequately describe what a wonderful human being she was.”

Last Sunday, Jordan was out on a country road on a golf cart with friends, when there was an accident.  “Ok, she’ll have a broken arm or a scratch; we had no idea how serious it was.  Then we got a call an hour later that Jordan was gone.  I was in disbelief, because honestly, I’ve never paid attention to golf carts,” said Whittington.

On a steep hill, the driver hit the brakes, the back tires locked up and the cart flipped over, at least two times.  Jordan Jackson was pronounced dead an hour later.

Austin Woodard, a friend, said “After this happened... you realize that life is really precious.”

While that realization still settles in, the dangers of golf carts is on the top of everyone’s mind.  “I think they’re terribly dangerous.  Parents underestimate how dangerous they truly are.  People take them for granted,” said Bennington.

Today, though, was a time for remembrance and celebration; and while Jordan may have passed, family and friends say her spirit is stronger than ever.  “To be honest, when I see a butterfly... there is Jordan.  She was always free,” said Woodard.

Jordan’s uncle told WHAS11 he was shocked at the number of people each year that die on golf carts.  He said he’s planning to honor Jordan by possibly contacting other victims of these accidents and even looking into legislation with golf carts.