Romantic date ideas for couples, singles

Romantic date ideas for couples, singles

Romantic date ideas for couples, singles


by WHAS11

Posted on February 13, 2011 at 10:36 AM

15 Great Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

•    Take a romantic horse carriage ride around Louisville.  It will be cold, so bring your blanket and hot chocolate!

•    Take your partner out for a day at the spa. Treat each other to couples massages.  Many spas around Louisville offer specials for couples on Valentine’s Day like Tranquility Salon.

•    Plan a weekend trip somewhere close, even if it's only an hour or two away.  A bed and breakfast could be the best getaway, whether it is Louisville’s Woohaven Gothic Revival Mansion or the Lyndon House located in Lexington’s historic downtown. 

•    Recreate the setting where you exchanged the first ‘I love yous’ the best way you can.   

•    Serve your loved one breakfast in bed.  Spice it up with some special Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas.

•    Have dinner on the Belle of Louisville.  A romantic Valentine’s Day dinner will be served as you float on the Ohio River.

•    Enjoy a candlelit dinner at Bernheim’s Evening Among the Stars.  Afterwards, stroll through Bernheim’s beautiful winter landscape.

•    Kentucky State Parks are offering great Valentine’s Day getaways at their numerous park locations. 

•    Go dancing the night away to big band music!  The 18-person band at A Big Band Valentine will play music appropriate for all kinds of dances from the Cha-Cha to the Swing. 

•    Wine and dine in Louisville’s Old Spaghetti Factory.  Reserve a table in the trolley located inside the restaurant. 

•    Enjoy a winter’s favorite by going ice skating.  It will give you an excuse to grab on to your sweetie’s hand.

•    Laugh together at a comedy show like Louisville’s Comedy Caravan or the Improv

•    Enjoy listening to the blues at Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar on their Feb. 13 Valentine’s Day Show. 

•    Spend the day making delicious candy together at The Sweet Tooth’s Valentine’s Candy Class.

•    Attend a performance from musician’s Jim James of My Morning Jacket.  Those who attend will receive a rose from the performer.  


10 Great Dates for Sweethearts on a Shoestring Budget

•    Go to the mall and give each other $10. Split up, go find a gift for the other, and then exchange.

•    Spend the evening indoors preparing a romantic meal together.

•    Create a spa date at the house.  There are easy do-it-your-self recipes

•    Snuggle up on the sofa and have a romantic movie night in.

•    Have a picnic.  Yes, February is cold, but the woods in the winter can be beautiful so dress warmly and bundle up.  If the cold is unbearable, set a picnic by a fireplace, if accessible. 

•    Spend the evening learning to dance.  Dance studios, like Louisville’s Bravo Dance Studio, offers specials for beginners.

•    Take a hike together!  After, enjoy dinner looking at the stars and the beautiful lights of Louisville at the Retreat at Jefferson Memorial Forest.   Afterwards, deserts from local bakeries are served by a roaring fire. 

•    Visit an art museum.  The Speed Art Museum in Louisville offers a romance tour of the art collections.  Also, enjoy campaign and a buffet of French treats.  Admission is free! 

•    Attend the Valentine’s Concert at the Kentucky Center.  The Louisville Orchestra and special guests will create a romantic mood with their Valentine’s Day themed concert. 

•    Go on a treasure hunt at “Tom” Sawyer State Park in their Caching for Kisses event. 

10 Valentine's ideas for the single person

•    Have a game night with a group of your single girl and guy pals. 

•    Spend the day volunteering around your community.

•    Host a scary movie night with other single friends.

•    Celebrate being single by hosting an All Singles Party.

•     Spend the day with family that you may not have seen in awhile but live close by.

•    Try something new like a yoga or Zumba dance class.

•    Hit the bars with some friends.  There may be other singles out wanting to have a good time. 

•    Organize a Secret Santa type of game with friends before Valentine’s Day. 

•    Spend the day shopping.  Since you do not have to give a gift to someone else, indulge in something you have always wanted.

•    Gather a group of your single friends and enjoy Bernheim’s Evening Among the Stars.  Enjoy dinner and dancing with your friends. 


Do you have a great idea for Valentine's Day? Share it in the comment section below!