WHAS11's Reed Yadon undergoes cosmetic surgery, shares story, experience with WHAS11


by Rachel Platt


Posted on February 23, 2012 at 7:57 PM

**WARNING - Video and photos contain some Graphic Images***

Click for photos of Reed before and after surgery and throughout his recovery.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It's picture day for Reed Yadon - in front of the camera, but for a very different reason.


The "before" pictures taken in November, just one day before Reed went in for a procedure his doctor calls “rejuvenation.”

Dr. Jerry O'Daniel specializes in facelifts - nearly 200 of them a year. He's booked through July.

Dr. O'Daniel looked at side by side pictures of Reed – one shows recent weight loss from running - many facelifts just stretch the skin but not this one.

Dr. O’Daniel said he accessed deeper structures, like the muscle. He fluffed areas with fat cells taken from Reed's stomach, fixing muscles that have fallen like the neck.

He’s more of an artist sculpting than a doctor performing surgery. Dr. O’Daniel said plastic surgery is resculpting and restoring, not making look different.

He's poured over pictures of Reed through the years so he could restore what was.

Reed said he wanted certain imperfections fixed and things tightened.

Father time and Reed's time in the helicopter with no sun protection have made the mirror more of an enemy than a friend.

Photos of Reed before and after surgery

Like Reed, millions of Americans will come into operating rooms for plastic surgery, most of them will be women, about 92 percent. Men are still the minority but their numbers on are on the rise.  Reed said if someone asks him about he’s not going to lie.

The morning of surgery Reed acted more like a reporter than a patient, saying “find out what I’m doing here tonight at 6.”

Nurses prepared for the surgery as O’Daniel began to mark Reed’s face – minus signs where he will take away, plus signs where he will add.

He marked Reed while he was sitting up and said things will shift once Reed lay down.

Reed was ready for surgery as the drugs kicked in he was wheeled back to the operating room where he underwent five hours of surgery – five hours to turn the clock back about 15 to 20 years.

Click for photos of Reed before and after surgery and throughout his recovery.