Put it to the Test: Does the Microforce shaver really work?


by Mary Lyons


Posted on February 6, 2012 at 5:38 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 6 at 5:42 PM

(WHAS11) -- As seen on TV, it's promoted as the ultimate wet/dry shaver but does it really work?

Every Monday Good Morning Kentuckiana's Andy Treinen puts a product to the test. This week Andy is testing the Microforce shaver, a product that promises the closeness of a blade with the convenience of an electric razor.

Listen up baby face, the Microforce is making big promises.

Andy enlisted the help of his daughters and put it to the test both ways. He also enlisted the help of WHAS11 editors Frank Stamper and Jeff Costelle. 

“Ouch, it's like pulling," Costelle said.

Frank was particularly interested in the part of the commercial where a guy claimed he could get a good clean shave under water.

"I'm going to drop it in the water, ooops,” Frank said as the blade dropped into the sink. “Oh my god it still works.”
My first impression of battery operated and chargeable Microforce was favorable. After all I picked it up for just $4.99 at CVS. My daughters also gave it a thumbs up.

“Soft as a babies butt,” Andy’s 7-year-old daughter Mia said.

“Pretty good," Andy’s other daughter 9-year-old Ella said.

But it was not Andy’s best shave ever, and a day later I had a rash on my neck.

But my co-workers weren't nearly as kind.

“I just did this whole entire area and it just got this one line," Costelle said. The Microforce failed to cut through Costelle's longer beard hair and it couldn't get nearly as close as Stamper’s usual pink, yes pink blade.
"I mean look at that it's red...and it didn't do anything, I’m going to stick to my pink razor," Stamper said.

In the meantime Costelle contemplated quick and easy.

"It would take me a good 20-30 minutes," Costelle said.

The Microforce offers a 60 day best shave ever guarantee and for a weekend beard it did the job.

"I think the infomercial lied," Stamper said.

Both Costelle and Stamper gave the micro force a failing grade but I think it may have a place as an emergency or traveling tool. But it does not offer the closeness of a blade so I’m giving the Microforce a below average D.