Put It to the Test: Hurricane II 360 Spin Mop


by WHAS11


Posted on March 19, 2012 at 5:41 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 19 at 6:01 PM

(WHAS11) -- It is a revolutionary new mop that promises to clean your floors while it saves you both time and effort.

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is the latest in a long line of "as seen on TV" cleaning products.
Good Morning Kentuckiana's Andy Treinen got some help from a professional and he put it to the test.

In the cleaning business it's black and white, time is money. So the ad for the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop spoke to Valaida Hamada.

"I see this ad for this mop and i’m like oh wow, this sounds like it's amazing," said Hamada.

Hamada was so taken by the "as seen on TV" claims, she ordered 2 mops for her business Lady V Cleaning.  It's a 360 degree spinning mop that generates up to 2,600 rounds a minute by simply stepping on this pedal.
Valaida and her employee Maria Clements both gave it a spin for us. "It's the first time I used it today so i think it works great," said Clements.

I like the product, "It's like you're using your hands," added Hamada. 

Unlike the lady in the commercial Valaida doesn't wear strappy heels when she works, but with the Hurricane, you could.

The spinning feature allows you to get snug with baseboards. "When you use a regular mop it doesn't get that close,” said Hamada.
And when it's dry you can even use it to dust crown molding. You can also use it on quarter round and trim that's too high to reach. And really it's pretty simple to use.

"I always tell all my clients I love my mop, you got to see this mop," said Hamada.
With the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop, seeing really is believing, and with the help of Valaida and Maria WHAS11 gives the mop an A+ grade.
One other feature is the ease of clean up.  The head of the mop snaps off when you are finished cleaning and you can toss it in the washing machine.