Put It to the Test: Deluxe Gopher


by WHAS11


Posted on February 13, 2012 at 5:57 PM

Updated Monday, Feb 13 at 6:02 PM

(WHAS11) -- Good Morning Kentuckiana's Andy Treinen tested a product designed to extend your reach, and improve your grip, it's caled the Deluxe Gopher.

It's a product designed to add three feet to your reach,up, down or around into tough to reach spaces. We were impressed during our initial testing.

"Any items big or small it grips and grabs and lifts them all, not  bad," said Treinen.

As seen on TV, it's used both indoors and out.  WHAS11 tested it in our supply room picking up a top shelf flashlight with no problem. We also picked up a hard hat.
We then turned our Gopher loose in the newsroom where food is always lying around on desks.

Treinen used the Gopher to swipe some crackers from WHAS11's Claudia Coffey.

The commercial claims the Gopher can handle up to a 5 pound bag of sugar. We tested it on the top shelf video in our tape room.

The weight, and width of tape proved challenging to our tape room editor. We had trouble making the secret suction suck enough, and many of the tapes fell to the floor.
But on nearly every other job the Deluxe Gopher was up to the task. Perhaps the most impressive, it's ability to change an out of reach lightbulb. It was handy and useful so we're giving the Deluxe Gopher an above average B grade.
Whether you're small or tall the Gopher has the power to pick up and reach it all.
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