Metro Louisville Junk Pickup details, dates & guidelines

Metro Louisville Junk Pickup details, dates & guidelines


Metro Louisville Junk Pickup details, dates & guidelines



Posted on March 29, 2010 at 5:16 PM

Updated Sunday, Apr 11 at 8:39 PM

(Louisville, KY) -   It’s time to tackle your basement, garage and closets for some spring cleaning! Curbside junk collection for customers in the urban services district (old city limits) begins on Monday, March 29th. Residents in the first pickup zone, "A", can set their junk items out as early as 4 p.m. Friday, March 26th.

Metro Solid Waste Management collects junk on 12 collection routes in the urban services district. Junk is collected on each route over five days, however all items must be curbside by Monday morning of your collection week. Please see detailed guidelines below.

Residents may call MetroCall 311 or visit the city’s website, to find out their junk pick up date. Use the “My Louisville” on-line mapping tool in the upper left corner to enter an address.

If your home is in the suburban services district, visit for information on alternatives to disposing of junk, including disposal at the Waste Reduction Center at 636 Meriwether Avenue or at one of the city’s semi-annual drop-offs.

Junk Pickup Guidelines
• Items must be set out by 6 a.m. on Monday of your collection week - no earlier than 4 p.m. on the Friday before your collection week.
• If your junk is not out when collection crews service your street, your items won’t be collected until your next scheduled collection.
• There is no limit to the number of items that may be set out, but all items must come from the household where they are set out.
• Small items must be bundled or put in plastic bags. Each bag or bundle must weigh less than 60 pounds. Do not use garbage cans or cardboard boxes. Material in cans or boxes will not be collected.
• Tree branches and brush no greater than 4 inches in diameter must be cut in four foot lengths and kept separate from other items because woody waste is collected by a special vehicle and recycled into compost.
• No more than four tires per residence.
• No dirt, gravel or construction or demolition debris such as wood, drywall, shingles, gutters, siding.
• No auto parts such as transmissions or engine blocks, batteries or body panels.
• No computer equipment. (See Electronics Recycling for environmentally friendly disposal)
• Appliances will be collected. Doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers.
• No hazardous materials such as motor oil, batteries, paint, gasoline, antifreeze, pool chemicals or lawn chemicals. (See Household Hazardous Materials section for more information.)
• Persons who put out junk at times other than their regularly scheduled junk pickup week can be subject to civil penalties from $100 to $1000 per day per violation, as well as criminal prosecution and cost of cleanup.

Louisville’s Solid Waste Management division is encouraging citizens within the Urban Services District to check when they are allowed to set junk curbside ahead of their designated junk pick-up collection.

There are 12 junk pick-up zones, areas A through L. Solid Waste Management will collect junk items zone by zone for the next 12 weeks into June. Citizens can only set their items out during their designated set out period which is the weekend before their zone is serviced.

Click on the following link for a color-coded map of the pick-up zones:

Residents of the Urban Services District can find their specific junk set out period, by visiting the city website at: or by calling MetroCall 311.

For more information: