Lou. boy struck by lightning returns home


by WHAS11


Posted on July 9, 2013 at 6:25 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 9 at 6:41 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A 9-year-old Louisville boy is back home after being struck by lightning at a camp in Indianapolis.

Noah Auerbach spent two days in the hospital last month.   

Noah and two other campers were struck by lightning at Goldman Union Camp Institute in Indianapolis June 29--- the same camp Noah's mom attended as a child.

It was an overcast day for their game of ultimate frisbee. Noah says he remembers a bright light – intense pain, waking up and throwing up.

Noah taken to the hospital, a counselor telling him he was struck by lightning. His mom says a freak accident, it was an overcast day, not raining and it was the only lightning strike in a 30 mile radius.

That lone bolt hitting three campers, including Noah who showed where it hit him on his hip.

"I remember seeing bright light, woke up and threw up," Noah, said.

With Noah's burn almost healed, a tiny mark is all that's left where the bolt exited his body.

Miraculously he only spent two days in the hospital --then headed back to camp. Noah says it was more for the other campers who needed to see he was OK.

Noah's summer essay will be shared with others when he returns to Collegiate as a fourth grader this fall.

Noah one lucky boy --- his parents so thankful -- his mom a little uneasy with our recent stormy weather, keeping him close. Noah telling his mom you can’t keep me inside forever, and that he’s not afraid of storms.

As for the other two children struck by lightning, the young girl, Lily, has been released from the hospital, but an older boy,  Ethan, is still in the hospital, his family is asking for everyone's prayers.