Lou. apartment complex to DNA test pets, fine owners for waste


by WHAS editors


Posted on July 30, 2014 at 6:23 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 30 at 6:51 PM

LOUISVILLE, KY -- At the Waterside at Riverpark Place Apartments, doggy doo-doo has become a big don't. 


On August 16th, the apartment complex will require all pets get a DNA swab as part of the pet waste management program called Pooprints.


"What we'll do if there is waste that is found outside, we take a sample and send that out to the lab and they will test it. That is how we can find out where it came from, the residents dog and residents, and at that point making the resident aware that there is a fine that is attached to that," said Leasing Manager Dionne Templeton.


Templeton says the first offense would get a warning, the second offense would get a $275 fine, and if there is a third offense, the owner will be asked to remove the pet from the apartment. 


"Hopefully it won't get to that point," said Templeton. 


Templeton says they have had push back from some residents who think the program is too invasive, but others are in support.


Resident Mary Ellen Harris says she always picks up after her Sheltie Lilly, but she's seen plenty of neighbors leave dog waste behind. 


"The management here has tried very hard to keep an eye and keep the place clean, but some people in spite of requests to pick up after them some people just will not do it," said Harris. "I think it’s too bad that the ones of us who do pick up after our dog have to pay for people who don't."


Harris thinks this program will help curtail the problem.


"I think it will because there are some pretty severe consequences if they don't follow the program," said Harris.