Consumer Watch: Local photographer under fire over wedding day photos


by Christine Wright

Posted on May 25, 2011 at 3:00 PM

Updated Thursday, May 26 at 11:26 AM

(WHAS11)  A local photographer is under fire for what some newlyweds call late and inadequate pictures, of their once in a lifetime experience.  Those young couples contacted WHAS11’s Consumer Watch and Andy Treinen answered.

First the players, in this Matrimonial Day mess captured by photographer Heidi Carter:

Chasidy and Nathan Kendall say Carter botched their October 2 wedding.  “We trusted her that she was going to do a good job and she didn’t,” explained Chasidy.

Chelsey and Ben Price are also unhappy; they just got their photo album from their August wedding last week.  “I could have given her sister a point-and-shoot camera and probably had similar, if not better, results,” claimed Ben Price.  A cut-off picture of the groom is just one of many examples of what the Price’s call amateur work.  “My grandpa’s head cut off, and a brown box,” was how Chelsey described another picture.

Chelsey also showed us a picture of her father with his mouth wide open, and claimed it was the only one of the family.  But the focus of the Price’s complaint is that there are no “posed” wedding pictures of the bride and groom, in an album delivered eight months after it was promised.  “She [Carter] set her own deadlines and she has not met a single deadline that she set for herself,” stated Ben Price.

Time is also an issue for the Kendall’s; after waiting about six months for a disk of their wedding, they took Heidi Carter to small claims court.  They say she repeatedly ignored e-mails, phone calls and text messages, and they still don’t have an album from their big day.

Heidi Carter says she wasn’t avoiding the Kendall’s.  In fact, she says, until March she didn’t know there was a problem and if someone’s number changes, she says, it’s not her obligation to track them down.  But she says since March she has completed the photo album.  “Basically, I mean, it turned out beautifully,” contends Carter.

But the Kendall’s say the pictures are sub-par.  “Every other part of the wedding was perfect,” contends Chasidy Kendall.  The Kendall’s say Carter was the only photographer, when her package promised two.  They are now asking for a $665 refund in small claims court.  “She wanted the whole thing back, and i was like nooooooo,” countered Carter.

So now a judge will decide.  The case is scheduled in a Jefferson County court room June 4. Chasidy worries that her picture perfect day is lost.  “It’s not like we can dress up and go do it again or something; I mean, that only happens one time.”  Carter claims she’s tried to resolve the situation on more than one occasion.  “I’ve offered to meet them to give them the book,” said Carter.

Carter’s business, Golden Iris Imaging, was referred to both couples through David’s Bridal Vendor Partner program.  David’s bridal no longer lists Golden Iris Imaging as a partner.

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