Local man goes barefoot to raise money for shoeless


by Rachel Platt


Posted on December 13, 2013 at 5:55 PM

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)--  Richard Hudgins will do just about anything for a good cause.  He shaved his head and now he is going barefoot on his way to work at Wild Hairz Salon.

Hudgins said it is our responsibility, as humans, to do what we can to help others.

The owner of the salon is not surprised about Hudgins’ latest venture.  She knows that he has a big heart.

Eileen Mulvaney said he is amazing and he has always done good deeds.  She said the soft spot came when his brother died from cancer, years ago.

Hudgins is counting on people asking him about his shoeless feet.

He said he got the idea of going barefoot from a shoe company that urged customers to do it for a day.  He decided he would do it for a year to raise money for those who don’t have money to buy new shoes, especially in third world countries.

Hudgins said we take everything for granted and in some places shoes are a luxury.

He is now 10 days into his year of no shoes.  He has dealt with snow, dirt and even been allowed into restaurants with bare feet, but he said it is the gravel that really hurts.

But it is just a small taste of what millions of others endure, every day.  He has even had customers make him shoes out of cardboard and tape.

Hudgins is finding support all around him from his customers, his daughter and his fiancée.

He is said he may even surprise his fiancée with a barefoot wedding.

Hopefully, it will be a wedding on the beach.

So, if you see Richard Hudgins around town, shoeless, he encourages you to donate or sponsor him in his quest to provide shoes for those without.

For more information, visit his website and Facebook page.