LaGrange church offers unique worship services


by Mike Colombo

Posted on April 6, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 6 at 6:01 PM

LAGRANGE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- With Good Friday upon us and Passover beginning, this is an important weekend for many religions.

One local church community is worshiping together in their own unique way.

Of all the churches in LaGrange, there's none quite like this one and certainly no pastors like Zeb Son.

“I’ve always been weird, I’ve always been different, I wore overalls to high school, I’ve never shaved in my life,” Son said.
Zeb's unique style fits the unique group he leads.

“This isn’t like a Baptist or a Pentecostal or something like that. We're actually all from different backgrounds,” one church member said.

“Well I just saw the sign, Cowboy Church, and I am a cowgirl so I thought ‘well, I’d try that.’ The minute I walked in I felt the spirit of the Lord here and I was like... I think I belong here,” Nancy Ragland said.

And, she's not alone. The thing is you don't need to be a cowboy or cowgirl to the come Christian Country Cowboy Church, the law of the land in this congregation is to be comfortable.

“My theory about wearing the cowboy hat is in the Bible it says that Jesus is my friend, and I don't take my hat off to talk to my friend, so I don't take my hat off to talk to Jesus,” Tim Quaid, member, said.

“I don't think God cares how we dress as long as we come and worship him,” another church member said.

That's the important thing, they're worshiping.

“We have people here who have been to what I call typical church and something went wrong and they decide they're never going again, and then they came here and it's like well this is more comfortable and less threatening,” Son said.

From the language to the dogma, it’s all done in the name of being together.

“It's like family, you know, it's like a family reunion and I know for some of the folks here, the people who are here at the church are more family to them than some of their family.... One of the ladies said ‘this is the family i choose to be with,’” Son said.

They may look a little strange at first glance.

“You got Zeb back there that dresses up like he's in the 1860s every week,” member James Barnes said.

There's nothing strange about the message they're spreading.

“If you stand in the back and you see people get ministered to, you know something is going on that's right... Our intent is to glorify god by doing it and i think that's happening,” Son said.

If you are interested in visiting or worshiping at the Christian Country Cowboy Church, they have a service Friday starting at 8 p.m. and an Easter Sunday service starting at 10:45 a.m.

The church is located at the Oldham County Fairgrounds, 2301 W. Hwy 146, LaGrange, Ky., 40031.