Justin Bieber fan from Henryville gets a special surprise!


by Claudia Coffey


Posted on November 1, 2012 at 5:46 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 1 at 6:01 PM

(WHAS11) -- Justin Bieber is without a doubt one of the biggest stars in the world right now. On Friday he will be performing at the KFC Yum! Center and we decided to pull off what seemed like the impossible. One lucky Henryville girl actually gets to meet him in  person before the show.

Like many young girls, nine-year-old Mia Gilles is a huge Justin Bieber fan. Before the Henryville tornadoes destroyed her home, her room was a Bieber shrine.
"Everywhere you looked it was Justin Bieber posters," said Gilles.
She is slowly decorating her new room. But beneath that smile there is still hurt, so we decided to do something special.

Mia is lucky to be alive after the tornadoes in March.
"I was scared cause I didn't really know what to do," said Mia.
On March 2 her family hey held hands and prayed as the tornado picked up their house.
"It just lifted like you were in an elevator and we were going extremely fast . It just lifted us straight up and we started to spin and that's when I lost their hands, " said Trish Gilles.
Trish remembers her last words to her children.
"I told them you might lose mommy's hands but it's gonna be ok cause God is gonna be with us," said Trish.
The Gilles family literally was tossed out of the tornado and dropped to the ground. Trish had a shattered pelvis, punctured lung and broken ribs, Mia had a severed liver, went into a seizure then a coma. When she woke up, remarkably her family was all alive.
"I feel safe now that we have a basement but I get worried with all the storms going on," said Mia.
She still has flashbacks but desperately wants to get back to feeling like a happy child again. So we thought  surprise might help. That's where Jonathan Shuford from 98.9 comes in.
Mia was stunned to silence when she was handed two tickets to the Justin Bieber concert. When Mia and her mother Trish go to the concert tomorrow, they will go in style too, a friend is sending them to the show in a limo.

Click on the video player above to see their reaction to the big surprise.

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