Group formed in response to Tea Party movement wants to faciliate change through civility


by Melanie Kahn

Posted on June 5, 2010 at 11:50 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 7 at 5:14 PM

(WHAS11)  The Tea Party movement continues its growth in the wake of Rand Paul’s recent nomination.

But now, there’s another group that has emerged in response to the Tea Party.

It’s called the Coffee Party.

It formed in February in response to the Tea Party movement, but now, like the Tea Party, the Coffee Party is growing rapidly right here in Louisville.

They don’t agree on everything, but one thing they do agree on is the need for change.  But this group of members believes in facilitating change by talking.

Not by yelling and holding aggressive signs as the Tea Party members did in Louisville in September.
And so, the Coffee Party formed.

Brian Endicott, Coffee Party statewide organizer said, “It was s response to the incivility that was going on in our political discussions today; the angry rhetoric coming out of the Tea Party movement.” 

But with Rand Paul’s recent nomination, the Tea Party is growing.

And because of that, according to Coffee Party organizers, so is the Coffee Party.

George Shelton, who was at his first Coffee Party meeting said, “Will it fuel things like this?  Yes.  As more groups try to tack onto other politicians, other groups are going to sprout up and become more viable.”

Nationally, the Coffee Party boasts hundreds of thousands of members; many right here in Kentucky.

Endicott said, “We’ve got chapters popping up all over, so I think it’s going to continue to grow once people realize that we have something to offer, aside from what’s been going on.”

And they hope the group will grow large enough and fast enough to have a significant impact on the November election.

The Coffee Party will be holding its national convention right here in Louisville, right before the election.  It will be held Sept. 24-26 at the Galt House.