Fern Creek Man says Therapist Stole His Identity


by Kelsey Starks


Posted on August 21, 2010 at 5:07 PM

Updated Sunday, Aug 22 at 8:02 AM

(WHAS11)  A Fern Creek man said his debit card number was stolen by an unlikely thief. 

“I was like, wow!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was blown away,” said the man, who doesn't want to be identififed.

He said he was floored to find out someone stole his debit card number but what was really shocking was when he found out that it may not have been by a stranger.

He said he found a charge on his card to a Domino’s Pizza store in Crestwood.  He said he’s never been there and when he called the store, they told him the order went to Susie Raque.  He recognized the name immediately because he was a patient of hers in counseling services.

The Domino’s receipt shows the order came to a Domino’s store in Crestwood and the pizza was delivered to Raque’s address.  $20 was charged to her patient’s debit card complete with his signature. 

“My name was written the same way on my appointment card, as it is on the signature of that receipt," he said.

Susie Raque is a licensed clinical social worker, who practices at Positive Connections in Crestwood.  We caught up with her at her office to ask her about the charges. 

“Wow.  I can’t really say anything right now,” said Raque, who refused to deny the charge.

The former patient said he quit seeing her in June of this year, and this is so far the only out-of-the-ordinary charge he’s found on his debit card. 

“If you think $20 here, $20 there, it doesn't sound like alot," he says.  "But who knows how many people she's done this to?  I just don’t know why you would think someone wouldn’t look at that, and people wonder where that $20 went." 

So now, he has filed a police report hoping this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Susie Raque has not been charged, as Metro Police are still investigating. 

Identity theft is a felony offense that can carry up to five years in prison.