Filmmakers shooting interviews for Carrollton bus crash documentary in Louisville


by Adrianna Hopkins

Posted on October 7, 2011 at 5:24 PM

Updated Monday, May 13 at 7:54 PM

Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - It is a powerful, cautionary tale and Friday night filmmakers are in Louisville shooting interviews for a documentary about the 1988 Carrollton bus crash. The heart of the film focuses on how one person's tragic decision changed lives forever.

"This is a movie about what happens to people when their lives are turned upside down and forever changed and how do you cope with that,” said Daniel Blakesmith, a producer.

The 1988 Carrollton bus crash rattled an entire community and shook the state. One person's bad decision impacted people in one of the worst ways possible.

"How do you deal with all this loss from a spiritual standpoint and… the  anger against drunk driver?" said Blake Smith.

That's exactly what these filmmakers want to explore in this documentary about that bus crash.
They're interviewing people who survived the crash and those who lost loved ones.

"Want to give people the opportunity to see what the coping mechanism has been over the years,” said Blake Smith.

And their goal is to enter the film into various film festivals and partner with the KY Department of Education to get the film in middle and high schools.

"In all honesty there's a lot of young people who've forgotten about this crash or don't know about it and still to today it's the worst crash in US history for drunken driving,” said Jason Epperson, a director.

The filmmakers have received grants and donations, but they say they need a little more. if you'd like to contribute, go to You can contribute through PayPal.