Consumer Watch: Carpet crunch


by WHAS11

Posted on March 14, 2012 at 5:16 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 14 at 5:22 PM

(WHAS11) -- Sue Lerding says the carpet installed in her home is not the carpet she picked out at the store. The store on the other hand says she is an unreasonable customer who had no complaints the day the carpet was put in. Good Morning Kentuckiana's Andy Treinen got involved in the matter and on Wed. morning an agreement was reached.
Sue Lerding paid $2,630 for 426 square feet of carpet from Conners Floor Covering. Carpet that she says is flawed with lumps, and a noticeable seam.

"The pad doesn't come to the end of the carpet here either," explained Lerding as she showed WHAS11 around the house.  Sue says it's also carpet that she didn't order. After selecting one carpet at Conner's Store she says another lower quality weave was installed on December 6.
The owner of Conner, Lenny Conner told WHAS11 that Sue got what she paid for.

“Did i mention it crunches?” Lerding asked.

Now besides the very obvious visual problems, Lerding says there's also an audio problem with her new flooring. She calls it an embarrassing crunching.

"You know people were noticing it and asking what's going on what's wrong here," said Lerding.
She says she and her daughter Karin called Conner multiple times. She also claims a Conner representative admitted it wasn't the right carpet "and he said well when i picked up the sample from our sample board of that carpet i realized that that was not the carpet we put in your home," recalls Lerding. 
Lenny Conner didn't want to do an on camera interview, but he did talk to me several times and he acknowledged the distributor Shaw reimbursed Conner for Lerder's carpet. When asked whether he’d been reimbursed by Shaw for Lerding’s carpet Conner confirmed that he had. 
Lenny Conner sent Sue a letter offering her a 50 percent reimbursement which would be $1,315.

"That's not acceptable to me. I paid $2,600," discounted Lerding. "I want my money back plain and simple…i think that's fair."
Monday morning the company agreed to take another look but she is now fed up.  She no longer wants them in her home.

“I think they think they can wear me down. Of course they didn't know i was going to find out that Shaw had paid them," said Lerding.

Wed. morning it looks like we got a resolution. The distributor Shaw is going to offer Conner another credit to cover it's cost for labor and padding. Conner says it will give Sue half of her refund up front and the other half after they remove the carpet and padding from her home.

WHAS11 will track it, and make sure all parties keep their promises.
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