Consumer Watch: A damaged car, a consumer complaint and a alleged lie


by Andy Treinen

Posted on May 4, 2011 at 2:27 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 4 at 6:22 PM

(WHAS11)  This week’s Consumer Watch is about a damaged car, a consumer complaint and a lie; someone isn’t telling the truth.

The whole thing started when an expectant mother wanted to get the windows tinted on her brand new car, to protect the eyes of her brand new baby.  She called WHAS11’s Andy Treinen.

Jessica Marks had just purchased her dream car.  “I didn’t pay $30,000 for a car to have someone damage it,” said Marks.  She bought a brand new Toyota Camry to carry her soon-to-be brand new baby.  “I’m five months pregnant with our first child and we thought maybe it would be a little more comforting, so the suns not glaring in the baby’s eyes,” explained Marks.

Her husband, Jason, had done business with Auto Perks before, so they paid $147 for a tint job all the way around; but when Jason brought the car home for inspection, they say the rubber stripping all around the windows had been cut in several places.  “Three or four that he had not pulled off already.  He pulled some off before we noticed it,” explained the expectant mother. 

Auto Perks offered a refund, but when Jason returned with a $450 estimate from Toyota to repair the damage, the Marks say Auto Perks refused to pay.  “And he said, ‘absolutely, I didn’t do this’,” said Marks, “You can’t prove we did this.”

So Consumer Watch took those complaints to Victor Leachman, the owner of the business on Taylor Boulevard.  Auto perks has been in that location for 20 years; they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and Leachman tells us a very different story.

“I would hate to think somebody would damage their own car; but he, I felt, was a little vindictive and not happy with the work,” said Leachman.  “I don’t have any idea why I would want to cut my own vehicle,” answered Jason Marks; but Leachman says he did the job himself, and he didn’t damage the car.  He says Jason drove the car off the lot without complaining and when he did call, it was at first to complain about the tint job on the rear windshield.

We asked Leachman if Marks ever mentioned the damaged rubber stripping.  “No, he didn’t mention the strip.”  Not to you or anybody else?  “No,” said Leachman.  Jason Marks says that’s a lie.  He says he picked up the vehicle on a Saturday and inspected the tint job, not the stripping around it.  He says when they noticed the damage at home, they immediately called, but the business was closed until the following Monday.

“First, I asked him how they did the procedure of laying out the tint for the vehicle, that’s when they proceeded to tell me they lay the tint on the outside for the tracing of the vehicle and cut it, and that ‘s when I told him what damage had been done to the car,” explained Marks.

But the owner of Auto Perks is sticking to his story.  “When I saw the damage, I was like ‘I can see that from ten feet away, that didn’t leave here like that’,” insisted Leachman.   The Marks are now considering legal action to prove otherwise.

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