The tropics remain very active with hurricanes Jose and Maria in the Atlantic. Maria is the biggest threat, with the latest status and track below.

Maria is currently a Major Category 5 hurricane, and made landfall early Tuesday on the island of Dominica as a Cat 5 storm. It weakened slightly to a Category 4 after landfall, but once back over the water, it re-strengthened into a Category 5 with max winds of 160 miles per hour with higher gusts. The current forecast track from the National Hurricane Center has the storm moving toward Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands today with a direct hit expected for Puerto Rico on Wednesday. Unfortunately many of these islands suffered major damage recently from Hurricane Irma and have had or will eventually have a hit from Maria.

Beyond the impact in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, the current forecast looks to keep the storm EAST of the Bahamas and out into the open Atlantic.


The numerous tropical weather models diverge with more UNCERTAINTY after Maria tracks near the Bahamas this weekend, although the majority of them keep the storm away from the United States. Notice the bigger spread in potential tracks from the East Coast of the US, all the way out to near Bermuda. The white line is the model average, which does keep Maria off the coast, and in the Atlantic...which will hopefully be the case with Maria.

Hurricane Jose is a Category 1 hurricane, and expected to weaken as it travels north into cooler waters and more wind shear. This storm will have a minimal impact, with some extra wind and wave action for the coast of Massachusetts over the next few days. The latest track is below.

So, is the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season busier than normal? That's an easy "YES"! We've had 13 named storms so far, average is just 7. So far 7 hurricanes, average is just 4. Overall ingredients have obviously and simply been more conducive for a more active tropical season, thanks to light winds, and very warm ocean waters.


At this point, these storms don't look to have any impact on our weather. Our pattern will be fairly stagnant and summer-like with temperatures staying at least 5-degrees above normal, with highs in the mid-upper 80s. If you like summer weather - Enjoy! Summer conditions will continue for our first fall weekend!