Updated 11PM Thursday

Weather will be a key player this year for Thunder Over Louisville as a good chance of rain will accompany clouds and cool weather. Here is a break down of what we are expecting.


A low pressure system will track from Arkansas to Tennessee, placing us on the cold air side of the weather system. As moisture rises over a strong warm front, rain is expected Saturday. A soaking rain is possible at times. Rain should diminish to drizzle and mist in the evening with low cloud cover persisting as the low moves by to our south.


Morning/Early Afternoon: Rain at times, temps in the 40s.

Air Show: Rain possible, temps in the 40s to low 50s. Winds: NE 10-20 mph. Ceilings less than 2000 Ft.

Fireworks: Spotty showers, temps in the low 50s.



The fireworks are not impacted by rain or cloud cover. Smoke from the fireworks will generally go down-river with northeast winds expected.


The air show will be impacted negatively if steady rain and low ceilings occur. The FAA waiver for this event will require the air show to stop if cloud ceilings fall below 1500 feet (AGL) and visibilities are less than 3 miles. This is a distinct possibility based on the latest forecast.


Stay tuned for updates on this weather situation. WHAS11 is your official Thunder Over Louisville station!