ST. LOUIS - When the snow starts coming down, we rely on the road crews to come out and clear our streets and highways.

They use plows and elements to accomplish this. One such elements salt.

Why Salt?

Well, it lowers the freezing temperature. This helps keep the snow and water from turning to ice when the temps hit 32 degrees.

However, salt isn't really a friend to your vehicle. So we asked Pat Hamlin of St. Louis Automotive about what makes road salt dangerous for our cars and just how much damage it can do?

Parts of car most at risk from salt damage include:

• Exhaust system.

• Muffler.

• Coil springs.

• Subframe.

• Hydraulic brake system.

Ways to protect your car against road salt.

• Wax your car before winter.

• Avoid puddles and plow trucks

• Pretreat your vehicle's undercarriage

• Wash your vehicle after a snow storm

• Get a pre-winter inspection