LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- What do you do when you need to learn how to do something quickly? You look online. To expedite your searching, this week’s App of the Week puts all of the answers at your fingertips.

Snapguide is a how-to app that helps you navigate tasks, learn new skills and teach others your own special tricks.

You can search the app for what you need to know, from learning different dinner recipes or how to tie a bow tie, to changing your car’s oil. Or, you can browse Snapguide to discover new ideas or things you didn’t even know you wanted to know. Most guides have photos and videos along with their instructions to help you out along the way.

Every guide is created by users of the app, so if you find a series of guides you like, you can follow that user and get recommendations for other guides.

If you want to create a guide of your own, Snapguide makes it easy by walking you through step by step so you can share your knowledge with the entire Snapguide community.

Snapguide is available on iOS devices.

If you have an app you think would make a good App of the Week, send it my way at wweible@whas11.com.