LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – This week’s App of the Week is perfect for anybody that dreads putting together the weekly grocery list and going to the grocery store.

Whether you’re a busy parent planning meals for an even busier family, or a college student trying to eat well while on a budget, Paprika can help you stay organized, efficient and well-fed.

With Paprika, users can organize their recipes into one central location and then use that information to make meal plans, create grocery lists and cook their favorite dishes.

For no-stress meal planning, pick recipes from your recipe catalog for each day of the week and place them on the in-app meal planning calendar. When you’re finished choosing your meals for the week, Paprika will take the information from each recipe and automatically generate a full grocery list for you—even organizing the ingredients by aisle and combining similar ingredients from different recipes to avoid duplication.

When it’s time to shop Paprika can keep everyone in the household on the same page by allowing users to seamlessly sync information between devices. So if dad’s at the store, mom can update his list in real time from home.

Once your meals have been planned and your groceries purchased, you can use Paprika in the kitchen for step-by-step recipe instruction, in-app timers and adjusting each recipe to your desired serving size.

If all of this sounds great, but you don’t have any recipes of your own, don’t worry. With Paprika’s built-in web browser you can browse for recipes on the web and import them into the app with the tap of a finger.

Now this app does have a one-time purchase price of $4.99, but once you've downloaded it it is free to use.

Paprika is available on iOS and Android devices.