LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The main action may be on the court but in the stands of the Yum! Center are a group of fans making their presence felt, cheering on their Lady Cardinals every time they hit the hardwood.

"I'm going to be yelling," Debbie Copeland said. "That's what we usually do. I'm going to be yelling."

"When there are bad calls, I'll get on the refs pretty bad," Jack Copeland, Debbie's husband, said. "That's the main thing I scream about."

For Debbie and Jack, their love affair with the women's basketball team began more than two decades ago when the Cardinals captured their hearts.

"Well we had the men seats for 38 years and we've had the women's seats for 25 years," Jack said.

"With women's basketball, you get to see the plays develop," Debbie said. "You get to see the skills on the fundamentals and you get to see them having fun."

It isn't hard to have fun when you're winning, something the Cardinals have been used to this season. The team is off to its best start in program history with a 16-0 start. Their 16 wins also ties a team record for the most consecutive victories, last set during the 2013-2014 season.

"When you get that mix of great players, great players wanting to be part of the team, that it just makes it so much fun," Debbie said. "And they're winning."

"They just don't miss much at all," Jack said.

The women's basketball team has been a bright spot for Louisville fans this year as the football team fell short of its lofty expectations and the men's basketball team undergoes a season of change under an interim coach.

"We still go to the basketball games and all the football games, and we're Cardinal fans through and through, through rough times and the good times," Jack said. "Now's a rough time."

"We come to the games and it's fun," Debbie said. "We don't have to worry abuot any of the other things that are going on."

The players have pledged to remain grounded during their magical run to start the season.

"16-0, we're thankful for it, but we didn't just come here to be 16-0," Cardinals player Asia Durr said. "We came here to chase our goals, our dreams."

While the team has pledged to take it one game at a time, the fans are hoping this is the team that brings home the hardware this spring, a quest that continues Thursday night against Duke.

"Hopefully our goal is to just smash them," Debbie said, laughing.