LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – College GameDay is rolling into Louisville for a Top 15 matchup between UofL and Clemson.

The Louisville athletic department have already announced that the game will be a “Blackout” and it will air during primetime at 8:12 p.m. on WHAS11.

Last year when ESPN came to town they simply set up shop outside of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, but area outside of the north end zone is under construction, so ESPN and UofL had to scramble faster than Lamar Jackson away from a defender to find the perfect spot for GameDay to touch down.

"We found out about 1 o'clock yesterday that we would be the site for GameDay,” said John Karman. “ESPN's crew came here yesterday and met with a large group of our staff to get preparations going."

No matter where you look around the University of Louisville, crews are hard at work preparing the area around Grawmeyer Hall for Game Day.

"This is really the signature spot on the campus,” Karman said. “When people think of the University of Louisville this is what they think of. It will look beautiful, it will show beautiful, and a couple of million people will see it across the country."

"It's so cool,” UofL freshman Claire Puffer said. “I am absolutely in love with Louisville so it's awesome that everyone gets to see the culture here at Louisville. It's amazing, I'm so excited!"

However, parking will be at a premium in the area so administrators are asking fans to bring their patience.

"Students will be really fired up, and they'll be fired up all day,” Karman said. “I think they start at 4 or 5 in the morning, lining up to be here for GameDay. We'll have that from 9 to noon, and then a night time game in primetime. It couldn't be better for the university."

With the game moving into primetime and a blackout planned Karmen says it could be a game for the record books.

“There won't be any tickets available,” Karman said. “It will be a hard ticket to get."

"I'm looking forward to the revenge on Clemson,” said unidentified UofL student. “They don't have Deshaun Watson anymore. We're going blackout! I'm ready to beat them."

"Louisville by a couple of touchdowns at least,” Puffer said.