CLEMSON, S.C. (WHAS11) -- The majority, if not all, of Clemson University fans know a visit to Death Valley will reveal plenty of celebration before each game starts.

As seen near Memorial Stadium Saturday ahead of Louisville's matchup against Clemson, Tiger Country is a place where 'cats' walk their dogs and custom-made bright orange suits are the norm.

"My wife made this for me; bless her heart," said Gil Ketron, the man in the orange suit. "No one can find this in a store anywhere.”

Not far from Ketron's tailgating display, a group of men smiled when asked about the group’s choice in colorful patterned pants.

"We got into it as a group and we have just expanded our wardrobe," one in the group said.

Some Cardinals fans were determined not to be outdone, shouting the Cards chant while wearing rubber Cardinals masks.

Clemson fans like Sam Melcher know tradition is what makes team spirit great. His orange overalls speak for themselves.

"These overalls have been worn by a Clemson student since 2004," Melcher said while not quite sure if the overalls were clean.

"Um yeah, I think they’ve been washed. I still have a mud stain from the Notre Dame game I’m pretty proud of that I’m not going to lie.”

It’s hard not to believe any of it could be made up on gameday in Clemson.