We've come to an end of probably the most stunning, tumultuous time in UofL’s history.

The ouster of the school's best-known faces, better known than the school president. Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich.

In my opinion, it's way overdue, stretching back to the troubled leadership of Jim Ramsey, who set the tone.

Embezzlement by top professors? Theft from the ticket office, the chemistry department?

Two sex scandals, one for your coach, and one for the basketball team.

Along the way Ramsey hushed things away, Jurich gave second chances.

But as we learned this week, the real sewer then runs under UofL is not managed by MSD, but allegedly by Adidas.

The influence of these companies is bigger than the Cardinals for sure, but UofL got snared in the FBI trap, all recorded with audio and video.

Many of you, UofL’s veteran educators screamed “Hey” and called for sweeping change years ago. You were nearly ridden out of town. This day is rough, no question, but this day is also for you. You have been heard.

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