NEW WASHINGTON, Ind. -- The post season is all about peaking at the right time, and that could not be truer than with the New Washington Mustangs.

This is a team loaded with seven seniors, and they are simply not ready for this season to end, but if you were to rewind to the beginning of the season even the players say they wouldn’t have expected this magical run to semi-state.”

“We were being stubborn and it kind of backfired on us some,” said senior Brandon Horton.

After an 8-7 start to the season simply getting out of sectionals once seemed like a dream, but in mid-January, something clicked for this senior-laden squad.

“I think just our confidence in each other,” said senior Hunter Lind. “Passing the ball, not being afraid, and attacking. Coach has been telling us to attack, and that’s what we’ve been doing. We haven’t let up yet.”

“I knew we had the potential from the very beginning,” said Caleb Ellison. “We talked about it, and we have all of the tools on the team. Once we hit sectionals, and we won that I thought we have a chance to do this!”

“We went from everybody by themselves to everybody moves as one,” said Stevie Mack.

Working together they’ve already made it further than any New Washington team since 2001.

“It’s been 16 years,” said Lind. “Coaches talk about it all of the time. It’s been on our minds.”

However, they have a little history of their own they’d like to accomplish not only for themselves but for their community.

“Playing on Bankers Life floor that’s the dream,” said Mack. “Every kid’s dream in Indiana is to play on that floor one time. To show all of the community kids that it’s possible to come from a small school and get it done is huge.”

“It’s very big,” said Lind. “Small community, small school, big dream.”

As the only public school left in the 1A state tournament New Washington will be taking their shot for the little guys as they take on Indianapolis Tinley on Saturday in Richmond.