LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – A copy of the University of Louisville’s case to appeal two of the NCAA penalties was obtained by WHAS11 Friday, Aug. 11. UofL is appealing the penalties that the NCAA sent down in June over UofL’s sex scandal with the men's basketball program.

UofL is appealing the financial penalty and vacation of records.

The university argues the committee on infractions is being unfair to them because “it has repeatedly declined to impose vacation or financial penalties in comparable cases involving strippers.”

The head of the infraction committee was furious that recruits as young as 16 were offered sex with prostitutes during school visits.

UofL admits Andre McGee was wrong to do what he did but then says the NCAA abused its discretion by punishing the school in such a harsh manner.

Their appeal states:

“It is unjust, and grossly disproportionate to wipe away the entirety of these students’ collegiate athletic careers because of parties that they had no part in creating and no choice in attending.”

The final decision is weeks, possibly months away.

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