CLEMSON, S.C. (WHAS11) -- A little rivalry before a big game never killed anyone, but most UofL fans will agree that Clemson was quite welcoming during the ESPN College Game Day weekend.

"The fans are great here, they welcome you, tell you hey, good luck today and everything like that," said Cardinal fan Clark Wade.

Clemson fans are calling it some good ole fashioned 'southern hospitality.'

"We've got southern hospitality, win, lose or draw," said Clemson fan Rod Lapin.

WHAS11 News found a unique group of tailgaters with two Cardinals and a Tiger fan sitting under one tent, who said they knew each other beforehand.

"I met Mark in Haiti this summer and I was messaging him during game day in Louisville and I was like I really want to come to the game, and then next thing I know we were on our way down here," the Cardinal fan explained.

This weekend they set aside their differences before game time.

"I love him now, I'll hate him later," said the Clemson fan.

Louisville has always known Clemson to be welcoming. The last time the Cards played in Death Valley in 2014, UofL official Mark Hebert sent a letter thanking them for their warmth and friendliness.

"He was so impressed, he wrote a letter to Greenville News saying that everyone needs to put their game on their calendar for this year for that welcome in Clemson," said Clemson fan Jeff Lapin.

But now that UofL is ranked higher than Clemson, is that southern hospitality still alive and well?

"We'll be friends all day, we'll be enemies at 8:00," said a Clemson fan.