LOUISVILLE (WHAS) -- A letter from interim UofL President Greg Postel sent to Rick Pitino was sent this week, laying out the groundwork for his firing.

The way the letter is worded lets Rick Pitino know the university is not upset only over the escort scandal and the FBI investigation. The second paragraph puts it plainly, stating, "This notice arises out of your conduct over a period years, including two recent and highly publicized scandals."

That implies the university is looking at all of Pitino's history at UofL.

Something else new we learned from this letter is a campus visit by Christian Dawkins, the former agent, in May 2017.

Dawkins was one of the 10 men named in the FBI criminal complaint in the pay-for-play scheme. Apparently, he came to UofL in May for "purposes related to the basketball program."

In the letter, Postel writes that as someone known to have acted as an "agent" for athletes, the basketball staff should have notified Athletics Compliance. No notification was provided.

Postel writes that Pitino's involvement in these recent scandals cannot be considered isolated events. Instead, they are illustrative of a pattern and practice of inappropriate behavior.

Postel says Pitino will be given the opportunity to present any evidence in his own favor at the next UofL Athletics Association Board meeting on October 16.

A copy of this letter was sent to Rick Pitino's lawyer, Steve Pence.