LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- From the outfit to the hair to the lunch in the infield, it takes a lot to make the perfect Derby day and that's good news for local businesses.

At The Fashion Post, they have been busy styling men for the Kentucky Derby.

During the derby season we sell a lot of sport coats so they are fun, they are sporty for the track, the next thing would be ties, bowties long ties, and then a lot of furnishings a lot of fun socks pocket squares cuff links, things like that," said Bob Bayersdorfer, Owner, The Fashion Post.

With more than 150,000 Derby goers each year, Derby season means big business for these small businesses.

"Derby is like a second holiday season for clothing stores in Louisville," said Bayersdorfer.

"Derby is one of the top. I mean it’s right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving, but a lot of boxed lunches are going out of here for Oaks and Derby," said Rita Pemberton

Deli Manager, Paul's Fruit Market.

Paul's Fruit Market Deli Manager Rita Pemberton says the business starts getting orders for Derby boxed lunches the day after Easter.

"It’s approximately around 700 and it’s a lot of fun to do them," said Pemberton, "It’s very crowded in here comes in, picks them up and takes them to the track, and everything is in clear boxes, clear bags clear containers everything is good to go right into the Derby, to the track."

Over at Brooks and Co. Salon and Spa, the stylists are booked solid.

"Oh it's crazy in here, it’s crazy in here most of the time anyway, but Derby time is very busy, and fun a lot of fun," said stylist, Cindy Ramirez, "A lot of them like to get their color done before Derby, so if they are a week out, they will come in early just so they can get it done before Derby and lot of styles, colors, highlights, fun stuff."