LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Weeks after her passing, family, friends, jockeys, and trainers gathered at the Keeneland race track on Monday to remember the “First Lady of Racing,” Penny Chenery.

Chenery is best known for being the owner of Triple Crown winner, Secretariat, as well as 1972 Derby and Belmont champion, Riva Ridge.

Some of those who knew her best, honored Chenery for her contributions to the sport of horse racing.

"I was always amazed at the way she handled herself and how she treated her fans,” Pat Day, a retired jockey, said. “As was said from this podium earlier, she made you feel like you were the only one there. The line would be out the door and she would take time to speak with each one and make them feel so special…We should all aspire to be like her, after all, without the fans, we really don't have a game do we?"

Penny Chenery passed away Sept. 16. She was 95.