LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Let’s face it, the only watchable part of the Pro Bowl each year is the quarterback skills challenge. There, I said it.

Back when it first started, the competition was like the dunk contest of the Pro Bowl weekend – a fan favorite event.

Well this weekend, Stefan Lefors wants to start a similar event Kentucky-style.

"I thought how cool would that be to have some of the guys in Kentucky compete a little bit, learn a little bit, and get to meet their peers,” he said. “I just thought back to when I was a young kid just watching the Pro Bowl and all the events they had leading up to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. And then guys like Elway, Marino, Steve Young and Warren Moon and those guys compete against one another and they competed hard!”

Lefors reached out first to high school coaches in Louisville but then decided to open it up to the whole state.

The response was immediate. In the end, Lefors had to narrow it down to just 12 quarterbacks, but the excited reaction from coaches, and then getting help from Norton Sports Health and the Kentucky Farm Bureau, all told him that he's onto something here.

"We'll go through basically three events,” he explained. “We'll have a long ball throw. We'll have a little accuracy challenge. They've got to hit the golf carts and moving targets. And then we'll put them on the run and see who can throw it well on the run.”

“Football is getting better and better. The players will get better, they're better coached, better techniques and fundamentals which will ultimately help our game and our state and this is kinda another reason why we wanted to do this -- to really promote our game."

The event starts at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday at Christian Academy of Louisville. There is no admission fee and Lefors said he thinks it will end around 5:00 p.m. It all just depends on how long it takes for the players to complete all the drills.