LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It’s time to have a serious conversation about texting and driving. This isn’t a lecture. Call it a confession if you like. I’m in the same car with the rest of you guilty souls. I found myself texting and driving way too much this summer.

But I’m not anymore. Way too many close calls. I was swerving into other lanes. One day leaving my own street, I looked up and was heading straight for an oak tree.

I don’t like calling the AT&T customer service line, but I do love the simple message they insist on telling me at the end of every call, “It can wait, don’t text and drive”. A simple, powerful slogan. And you know what, it can wait. Through the 70’, 80’s, 90’s even most of this decade, it did wait, and we did just fine without texting in our cars.

I bring this up because of the number of other people I’ve watched texting and driving. One young guy on the Gene Snyder laid all the way back in his seat, his phone propped up on the steering wheel, texting, and flying!

Now this news a few weeks ago: the number of teenagers involved in deadly crashes has risen for the first time in a decade, a ten percent increase over last year. After speed, the most common reason for a crash was distracted driving.

It wasn’t hard for me to stop doing it. I just had to say no when I was automatically reaching for the phone. I’m actually loving the disconnected downtime the car provides. It can wait. I can wait. Will you wait?

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