(ALLTHEMOMS.com) - It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a high school tells “dress-wearing” students they must submit photos for approval before the dance.

One high school in Milwaukee did just that for a homecoming dance next month.

Only female students have to send in photos — both front and back of their dresses — and wait for an approval before they can buy tickets. Female guests are required to follow the policy.

Pewaukee School District Superintendent Mike Cady said the policy, an extension of the school dress code, was implemented in January 2015.

He told AlltheMoms.com the district’s goal is to prevent students from being removed from the event due to inappropriate attire.

But not everyone is happy about having to submit attire photos for approval.

One recent graduate took to Facebook to express the embarrassment she felt last year.

‘Where do these photos go?’

Jackie Kate Henderson, now a freshman at Winona State University, pointed out two concerns that former and current students have with the policy.

“Where do these photos go?” she asked. And “who will be looking at them?”

Henderson told AlltheMoms.com the photo policy was an “invasion of my privacy.”

Her recommendation for students this year? Get your parents involved. She said she is thankful her mother defended her “multliple times” for her choice in clothing.

Extra step means extra planning

In a statement obtained by AlltheMoms.com, the Pewaukee High School administration said:

“The process involves all dress-wearing students to submit a photo of them wearing their planned attire to a female counselor prior to purchasing tickets.”

The policy “has been positively received by the vast majority of parents and students,” the statement said.

In a policy reminder emailed to parents, the high school encourages early communication and planning “to avoid placing any staff member or student in a difficult position of having to turn away or be turned away at the dance.”

Past students pushed district to impose policy

The email, sent Tuesday, focused on three of the seven dress code regulations outlined in the student handbook.

- Skirts must an be appropriate length, extended below the mid-thigh.

- Tops with low-cut necklines or too revealing may not be worn.

- Outfits that exposes the midriff and cannot be theoretically tucked in cannot be worn.

Cady told USA TODAY Network that the policy isn’t sexist. The dress code does include rules that are more directed at boys. For example, students can’t wear low-hanging pants that expose their underwear or behinds.

But Cady said poor dress choices ultimately forced the district to impose the pre-dance check as some girls pushed the boundaries of appropriate attire at school formals.

In solidarity, some male students posted photos of themselves in dresses.